I’m an interaction and user experience designer dedicated to solving problems with inventive solutions that meet customers’ needs.




Stephanie is a strategic and multidisciplinary designer with an eye for innovation. She spent 4.5 years at HBO where she worked on projects ranging from VR, VUI, cross-platform feature design, as well as exploring how all of these intersect with the HBO brand as a whole. She recently joined Microsoft’s Ethics and Society team, working on AI, natural user interfaces, and mixed reality. Although her skill set is vast, her greatest expertise revolves around interaction design, UX, and motion graphics. Her wish is to combine her knowledge and experience in these areas, to deliver the best creative solutions to her employer and their audiences. To see her resume click here or view LinkedIn.


→ GeekGirlCon | October 2016 – “Turning Your Fanart into a Career” | PANEL MODERATOR
→ SVVR Conference | March 2017 | VOLUNTEER
→ Eastside Virtual Reality Meetup  | April 2017 – “Social Anxiety in VR…Yes, it’s a thing.” | SPEAKER
→ VR/AR Association | August 2017 – “Top 10 Virtual Reality Best Practices” | CONTRIBUTING WRITER
 Rose City Comic Con  | September 2017 – “Identity in Virtual Reality” | PANELIST
 GeekGirlCon | October 2017 – “Virtual Reality in Pop Culture” | PANELIST/PANEL MODERATOR
→ Seattle Central College, City of Seattle, Seattle Public Schools | Feb 2018 – “Try a Trade: Media Arts” | PANELIST
→ Emerald City Comic Con | March 2018 – “Beyond Ready Player One: Nostalgia for Our Future” | PANELIST
 NFFTY (National Film Festival for Talented Youth) | October 2018 – “Creating Worlds in XR” | PANELIST


 I watch: shark week, project runway, and john oliver
→ I eat: tacos
→ I listen to: vinyl & audiobooks
→ I like: orcas
→ I wear: pumas
→ I read: fiction (probably too much of it)
→ I play: SNES, piano, guitar, drums
→ I drive: Nissan