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Summary - Vision Statement

Customers expect HBO's premium video to be on-demand no matter where they are watching, what device they are using, or what cellular network they are on. Offering users a way to access HBO's world-class programming while offline ensures that they remain engaged with the brand and content despite their location or connectivity. This initiative is also a essential to delivering against HBO's international strategy of offering scalable features that provide global value to our users around the world.



Business Goals

  • Offer a mobile, offline viewing experience for HBO customers.

  • Create an offline viewing experience that will scale internationally with the projected global growth of HBO in 2019.

  • Create an experience that allows customers to manage downloaded offline content.

  • Create a messaging solution that is consumer-focused and directs viewers to what content is available for download, how much space the content will take to download, and to encourage them to continue watching where they left off before the asset expires.

  • Allow customers to manage their downloaded content as they’d like.

  • Create a future-focused vision for the growth of HBO’s offline viewing experience that is premium, global and one that gives customers more than they had expected from the experience.

Guiding Principles

  • Content-First: Offline viewing is about giving users the ability enjoy their favorite content in situations where that was not previously possible

  • Convenience: Customers will return and engage with HBO streaming products more frequently if we provide convenient, proactive ways to access the content they care about most

  • Clarity: The feature, how we message it, the way in which we display content, and the interface are all direct

  • Control: The feature allows users to easily and effectively manage content on their device

  • Trust: The feature is reliable and consistent in how and when content appears as well as the status/progress of the content

  • Compliance: This feature must comply with our content license agreements with regard to scheduling and downloading rights

User Experience Goals

  • To provide customers with convenience, features and functionality that they have come to expect in the market

  • Create a more engaging and personalized experience for customers

  • Make it easier to get customers to the content they care about most

  • Make it easy for customers to start using the feature

  • Provide a consistent experience across all supported devices

  • Create a scalable system that can support emerging scenarios 

User Stories

  • As a user, I want to download HBO content to my mobile/tablet device.

  • As a user, I want to manage the size and quality of my content downloads

  • As a user, I want the option to save my video quality preference for future downloads

  • As a user, I want to be able to download assets over Wifi as well as cellular

  • As a user, I want to know how much space each downloaded assets will take up

  • As a user, I want to know how much total space my downloaded assets are taking up on my device

  • As a user, I want a way to easily remove all downloaded content

  • As a user, I want to be informed when my downloads are expiring

  • As a user, I want to be able to remotely remove downloads from other devices tied to my account.

  • As a user, I want to watch downloaded content without worrying about being in a country where HBO is not supported

  • As a user, I want to have controls over the type of content my child can download (PC - parental controls)

  • As a user, I want to have control over the type of downloaded assets my child can view (PC - parental controls)


  • Solution will be closely aligned with parallel development efforts of HBO Nordic, Spain, and Central Europe( GA-24602 - Offline viewing / temporary download for Nordic & Spain NEW ISSUE )

  • User testing in international markets should prioritized if time allows

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User Test - Copy - Feb 2019

5 onsite participants and 7 remote participants showed for this study. However, I'll probably pull out the data for one participant and treat it separately from the others since I'm not confident she was making informed choices - "participant 10" the 9:30am participant from Tuesday, was not an HBO user and was also not very tech-savvy, so she seemed to have a lot of trouble understanding what was going on with the app and the feature in general. (She thinks she likes it anyway after I explained it to her, though! :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:)

Here's a quick summary based on preliminary analysis. For context:

  • - Concept A - 2 downloads remaining | Downloads (all devices): 3/5

  • - Concept B - Your account can have 2 more downloads | Downloads (all devices): 3/5

  • - Concept C - Available: 2 | Used: 3/5

  • - Concept D - Downloads: 3/5 | You also have downloads on other devices

*Messaging preferences:*

Prefer: It's a tie between A and B! 4 participants each preferred those, and some said that the two options were pretty similar anyway. Two participants also preferred D, and one thought that option C plus the line from D would be best.

Not clear/don't like: 8 participants said C and 4 said D (this includes two who mentioned both C and D). One participant said A and B. Those who chose C noted that there isn't enough information to clearly understand what is going on ("Where's the third download?")

*A few interesting notes on some of the words:*

  • Concept A - "remaining" - Is this downloaded videos remaining that are unwatched, or unused downloads? In the example given, there are two episodes downloaded, which makes "2 remaining" ambiguous in this scenario. 3 participants also thought "remaining" could mean not finished downloading.

  • Concept C - "Available" - Similar to remaining, is this 2 available videos that I can watch because already downloaded, or two remaining downloads?

  • Concept C - "Used" - Are these downloads I have already watched, or assets I have already downloaded?

*Downloads scenarios - these used Option C*

  • -1 Empty state - This one was very clear, but one participant did mention they expected to tap the text in the center to go browse

  • - 2 Downloaded one asset on local device - No problems here

  • - 3 Account limit reached, all on local device - No problems here

  • - 4 Downloads all on other devices - Starts to get a bit confusing here. P3, P5, P7, P8, P11 did not think it was clear where all their downloads were. P9 thought if you started watching one it would go into Continue Watching.

  • - 5 Account limit reached, all on other devices - Slightly less confusing because center text mentions other devices. P9 still thinks videos move to CW if you start watching them and did not pick up on other devices. P3 and P11 want to be able to remote delete from other devices.

  • - 6 Downloads across multiple devices - P3 was confused about where their downloads were, saw that they had used 3 but only had 2. P9 still thinks videos go to Continue Watching when you start them and assumes some are there.

  • - 7 Account limit reached across multiple devices - People generally understood what was going on, except a few missed that they had multiple Westworld episodes in this example. P1, 8, and 12 noticed nesting eventually. P3 and 5 did not see it.

*Multi-user profiles scenario:*

  • P3, 5, and 9 might not be clear on the distinction between devices and profiles, but others understood "profiles" in this scenario. P8 wasn't sure if it was 5 downloads per profile or 5 per account.

  • Most participants thought 5 downloads was not enough to share across multiple profiles, but 5 would be acceptable per profile.

  • There was a general sense with most participants that it's more fair to have everyone able to download, but still disliked the limitation. The desire to limit, control, or turn off downloads was commonly mentioned specifically in the context of children's profiles. (edited)

*Just for fun*

"If you could describe this Offline Viewing / Downloads feature using only one word, what word would you choose?"

Useful, Convenient, Good, Innovative, Convenience, Straightforward, Easy, Awesome, Convenient, Limited, Convenient (edited)