I’m an interaction and user experience designer dedicated to solving problems with inventive solutions that meet customers’ needs.



The projects I worked on at HBO are under password protected pages. If you are interested in seeing them feel free to email me. And I am more than happy to show you the work I have done at HBO in the context of an interview.

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Some of the projects I have worked on include:

  • Cross-platform Feature Design (Mobile, TV, Desktop, and VR)

  • Mobile Interaction Design: iOS and Android

  • User Research

  • User Flows, Wireframes, and Information Architecture

  • Prototyping


Around the office


Brainstorm Session

This is a brainstorm session I lead with a few different team members to bring awareness to a specific problem we were trying to solve in regards to an MVP launch. I wanted to increase the volume of possible ideas by including the Technical Program Manager, my design manager, and a visual design lead so we could come to a solution quickly.


“Women in Tech @ HBO”

I was featured in a video on our use of VR and future technologies.
We used this for promotional purposes at the Grace Hopper Conference

A spotlight of women in various technology roles at HBO who are moving the business forward with their expertise.


I’ve had the privilege of speaking with some amazing people over the last couple of years at difference conferences across the country on topics ranging from Interaction Design, Virtual Reality in Pop Culture, Identity in XR, and many more. Below is a panel at the National Film Festival for Talented Youth (NFFTY) in October 2018 – “Creating Worlds in XR”.